Why Edmonton, Alberta Should Be On Everyone’s Travel List

Traveling these days is like a new thing. Travel has only been restricted for nearly a year, but you would think it is something new, like a ride to the moon. People from all around the globe are flocking to their local airports and taking to the skies now that the travel restrictions have been lifted. Whether you are traveling solo or going with a group, the most challenging part of the trip will be deciding where to visit. With all the amazing and exciting destinations, it can be more than difficult to narrow the choice down to just one.

Well, that is until you look at Edmonton, Alberta, and everything it has to offer. You could literally burn an entire year here, but here are the things you’ll most certainly want to make sure you see.

Whyte Avenue

The funky, bohemian spirit of Whyte Avenue combined with the historic buildings and the blend of youthful exuberance easily make Old Strathcona one of Edmonton’s trendiest and most visited neighborhoods. Whyte Avenue is an arterial road located in south-central Edmonton, Alberta, and has become known as the main street for the city of Strathcona, also currently known as 83 Avenue. With the available shops, dining, and historical offerings, there will hours of gawking you can do while venturing up and down the streets.

Muttart Conservatory

Nestled in the scenic river valley, you will find one of the world’s premier conservatories, hosting more than 700 species of plants in 3 climate-regulated biomes. Tickets can be purchased at the door, or you can buy them ahead of time online. There are even membership offerings and cash rewards for members who invest. If you like the place, buy a membership, visit it more than once, and garner points while doing so. With the diverse exhibits and rotating shows, you’ll easily be able to get multiple visits from this destination.Muttart Conservatory.

Elk Island National Park

Canada is known for being a huge host of elk. Their mountains and national parks host some of the biggest in the world. And there is no better place to check them out than a national park named after the magnificent creature. This being said, these four-legged antlered beasts won’t be the only attraction here. The area brings new meaning to the word beauty and scenic and offers a whole host of exciting viewing pleasures. With hiking, camping, and trails, you could spend an entire vacation exploring this wild and wonderful park.