I Found A Few Bed Bugs – Does That Mean I’m Dealing With An Infestation?

Despite what you’ve probably heard recently, you need to know that a sighting of a few bed bugs does not necessarily mean you are dealing with a full-blown infestation. This being said, it is enough to cause concern, as these creepy crawlers waste no time getting acquainted with their new environment. If the situation is left untreated for too long, it won’t be long before you do have a full-blown infestation on your hands. Even the sighting of a single bug on the property warrants a visit from your local, friendly pest management pro. While there is tons of information online regarding these bugs, it is the pest management pro that can determine the best course of action for you. Every situation is unique, and some might requires different techniques and tactics than others. Whatever the situation, we always have trained personnel standing by, ready to jump on the situation when the need arises.

Why is A Bed Bug Sighting Is Worrisome?

You are probably thinking, I spot flies and ladybugs in the home all the time and don’t call a pro. I simply just remove the bugs and go about my business. Well to start, the bed bug is an entirely different pest. On top of this, these parasitic pests spend a whole lot of time reproducing. When they aren’t doing this, they go in complete survival mode. A single adult female bed bug can lay anywhere from seven to 500 eggs in a single lifetime. Given the fact that a small infestation in the home could consist of more females than males, you can likely see the need to take the situation seriously. Even if you’ve only spotted a single female in the home, it wouldn’t take but a week for her to lay 35 eggs, which many will survive and turn into females. You combine this with the mere fact that these bugs try to avoid detection and it just makes the situation all that more dire and threatening.

What Makes Bed Bugs So Hard To Detect

You do research or even speak with any pest management professional, and you’ll uncover one common recurring piece of data. This data will be that bed bugs are one of the hardiest insects in the world to detect. If you’ve ever looked for a bedbug on your property, you know exactly what we are talking about. This is because these bugs actually display deceptive abilities. As was already mentioned, they’ll go out of their way to avoid human detection. If it means missing a meal or two or completely rearranging their sleeping habits to opposite that of yours, this is exactly what these pesky parasitic parasites will do. They are also thin, flat, and colored reddish-brown. These qualities give them the ability to squeeze into some of the hardest-to-access places amongst everything things. They blend right in with bed frames, wallboards, floorboards, bed slats, and other common furniture pieces. This makes a sighting in the home all that more disconcerting. If you are spotting the bug in the home, something has likely gone wrong since they go so far out of their way to avoid detection. It is likely the population has grown so large they are pushing each other into the open.

Bed Bug Signs And Symptoms You’ll Want To Learn

One of the best ways to determine you are dealing with bed bugs is by learning the signs and symptoms of an infestation. The earlier you spot these signs, the quicker you be able to start treating. Therefore, it is best to always keep your eye, nose, and ears peeled. Here are some of the common signs you’ll want to look out for: Bloodstains: bed bugs are parasites, so blood is always going to be involved. When the bug pierces the human host skin, it will cause bleeding. The bug will try to suck up most of the blood, but it is more than possible that a spot or two might drip on the sheets Egg Casings: bed bugs eggs are only about the size of a pinpoint, but it is entirely possible to spot them with the naked eye if you look hard enough and know exactly where to look. The eggs are near translucent to white, making them harder to detect, but they’ll be present during an infestation. Exoskeletons: Speaking of translucent items, bed bug also shed their original skin once they reach a certain maturity level. After going through this stage of life, they will leave behind a clear, translucent form of their former bodies. Fecal Matter: Just like everything else in life, bed bugs do pass bowel movements. As disgusting as this sounds, you’ll likely find the evidence in your sheets and mattress. It might show up in black botches similar to that of ink stains. Bite Marks: While it is rare, not everyone will react to bed bug bites. However, most of those that do will appear with red, itchy welts on the skin. Yes, these are similar to mosquito and fleas bites, but bed bug bites will only appear where there is exposed skin while sleeping. Some common sighting spots are the legs, shins, ankles, hands, shoulders, face, and neck.

Never Be Afraid To Seek Help

Bed bugs are a pesky parasite that can cause a lot of problems for any homeowner. Regardless of the resources available to you these days, it will be the pest management pro that is your best option. Our highly skilled staff is more than experienced with dealing with bed bug infestations and will tackle the problem at your very first sighting. All you must do is give us a ring and we’ll get someone out to the property.

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