How To Make Bed Bugs Come Out Of Hiding

As the bed bug problem becomes more and more known and talked about these days, more and more information is growing known. All in all, this is a good thing, as it only contributes towards more successful detection and elimination of these creepy crawlers. The quicker people can detect bed bugs, the sooner they’ll be able to start treating them. And early treatment is key with a parasitic parasite like the bed bug. Early treatment is so important because you will not only be able to tackle the problem when there are fewer bugs in the home, but you might be able to utilize methods and techniques that might not otherwise work in larger infestations.


Whatever the situation and whatever you are looking to achieve, you’ll likely have to know how to force these bugs out of hiding. If one thing is widely known about these creepy crawlers, it is that they are adept hiders and extremely cryptic. They will go out of their way to hide from you. Therefore, it is more imperative than ever to know how to force the bugs out of hiding to reveal themselves. Luckily, this is quite as hard as it sounds with the right information.


Knowing When To Attack


If you are going to lure bed bugs out of hiding, you’ll need to know when to do so. As was previously mentioned, these bugs go out of their way to avoid detection. They only come out when you are sleeping, so this will be when you want to start your search and elimination. You also do have the option of mimicking your sleeping conditions if you are unable to miss a night’s sleep. For instance, you can trick the bugs into thinking it is dark out by drawing the shades, closing the doors, and turning down the lights. If you sleep during the day, this process might be a bit more complex, but still possible.


Utilizing Heat Attractors


It should be well documented by now that bed bugs are attracted to heat. The human body expels a tremendous amount of heat when it sleeps, and this is just one of the reasons the parasitic pests choose the mattress as a go-to residence. They are attracted to this heat. You can use this to your advantage. You can place a heating pad in your bed or turn up the heat in your bedroom. Either of these tactics will lure the bugs out and make them think there is a potential victim on the line.


Call In The Professionals


Regardless of whatever methods you choose to lure out bed bugs, there is no better so than the professional pest management firm. We are here with tried and tested techniques and methods of bed bug detection. All you must do is get our office on the phone and we’ll dispatch out a highly trained and qualified individual to get started on the task at hand.


Most victims are not aware of their situation until at least one of the signs are detected. Since a live bed bug is highly unlikely, it is important to know all the signs.

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