How Does Your Exterminator Check For Bed Bugs?

Hopefully, this is not a question you have found yourself asking. However, if you are here, that is likely not the case. Unfortunately, there is no straightforward or simple answer to this query. As a pest management professional, we can tell you that our lead detection tech combines cutting-edge technology with tried and proven pest detection methods. There are a lot of pest firms today unwilling to adapt to new technologies and tools. This is something we are totally against. Technology is a great thing and there to simplify life. Just look what the Internet, of all things, has done. This one tool has made life more convenient in many areas for many. Advances in the pest management field will make detection and elimination more accurate and effective.

Utilizing Carbon Dioxide Detectors

Our lead exterminators have a whole arsenal of tools that can be implemented to entice bed bugs out of hiding. This being said, one of our go-to options is our carbon dioxide detectors. These cutting-edge devices generate carbon dioxide, which is a chemical the human body emits while it sleeps. This is one of the many things that attract bed bugs to the mattress. The bed bug will use its antenna to detect and follow the CO2 to a host, where it will then feed. Our CO2 detectors lure the bugs out of hiding and right into traps, where they’ll be stuck until removed.

Driving Them Out With Heat

Another thing that bed bugs detect with their antenna is heat. We have a whole arsenal of tools that we can implement to replicate natural heat as well. One of the things we like to do is place heaters on both sides of the bed, pointing them directly toward the middle of the bed. The heaters will be left in place for 20 minutes or so, long enough to drive the bugs out of hiding. If no bugs emerge within 20 minutes, we strategically relocate the heaters to lure them out of other potential hiding areas. This process is something we’ll continue until our lead exterminator determines there are no bugs on the property. There are ways you can mimic heat on your own without heaters if you want to try this method yourself. You can also use heaters, or you can use heating pads. Whatever the situation, our techs are here for you. All you must do is reach out to our offices and we’ll get a trained professional out to the property immediately.

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