Best Mattress Covers For Stopping Bed Bugs

Most people in their wildest dreams never expect it to happen to them or their homes, but unfortunately, this is usually just where the troubles start. Most homeowners these days don’t put the preventive measures that are needed in place. This is without a doubt the biggest mistake you can make and probably the biggest you are currently making. If you aren’t already utilizing the best bed bug mattress covers, you are overlooking one crucial tool in the fight against this pesky parasite. So, what are bed bug mattress covers and how can they protect your family?

What Are Bed Bug Mattress Covers?

When most people think about treating bed bugs, they think about chemicals and pesticides. This is because this is how the pesky parasite has been dealt with for hundreds of years. Well, this is where the bed bug mattress cover holds one distinct advantage. It’s a toxin-free way to safeguard yourself and your family against the pesky parasitic pest known as the bed bug. When you think of a bed bug mattress cover, you should think of nothing more than a large sandwich or garbage bag. Yes, a bit more complex and sophisticated in design, but pretty much exactly alike in theory. The cover wraps around the entirety of your mattress, engulfing it and protecting it from the outside world. This device not only traps everything in the mattress that is already in there, but it prevents anything new from entering the mattress, giving this tool the ability to serve dual purposes. And it does so without the utilization of chemicals or toxins. Pretty impressive, right? Not if you don’t know how to choose the right one!

Do Bed Bug Mattress Covers Offer The Right Kind Of Protection?

From everything you have heard thus far, it probably sounds like bed bug mattress covers are a godsend. If they are so good, why are there so many people saying they’re ineffective or don’t work? The truth of the matter is there is just so much that can do wrong. All it takes is a tiny tear, a small rip, a defective design, or an improper installation and the product will be nothing more than useless. Therefore, it is best to refer to the pros when utilizing products like this. However, if you want to venture out onto the market and your own and shop for mattress covers, you’ll certainly want to be equipped with the most information possible. Here’s what you’ll need to consider.

A Full Encasement System

A bed bug mattress cover will be completely useless if it doesn’t fully engulf your mattress. Think of an open garbage bag and cats. If you have food contents hanging out of the bag, it is going to be enticing. Well, if half your mattress is hanging out of the cover, it is going to be just as enticing to bed bugs. This being said, making sure you choose a mattress cover that fully encases your mattress is as simple as choosing the right size. If you are looking to cover a twin-sized mattress, make sure you choose a twin-sized cover.

It Must Properly Seal

Even if the cover entirely covers your mattress, it still won’t do any good if it doesn’t seal. Without a proper seal, the bugs can still get in and out of the mattress. The entire theory behind the cover design is to trap the bugs inside and starve them out. Reports from Purdue University show that bed bugs can only go two weeks without a single blood-feeding before they start starving to death. The best designs usually feature reinforced zippers with a durable cover that works like a flap.

Toxin-Free Design

Toxins have already been widely discussed in this article and that is one of the major benefits of the mattress cover. However, there are some mattress covers that do come with toxins. While these do offer a bit more reprieve, you’ll have to remember you are sleeping with these items. Choosing one that is toxin-free will ensure you and your family stay safer.

Consulting The Professional Pest Management Firm

Despite all the tools available to you, it is the professional pest management firm that will be your best option for bed bug elimination. Our techs are highly skilled with the tools and knowledge needed to rid your home of bed bugs, while also making sure they stay gone. All you must do is give us a call and we’ll get someone out to the property as soon as possible.

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