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With the recent resurgence of bed bugs across the globe, there is now a vast list of detection and elimination solutions available. This is really a good thing, given the fact that bed bugs have evolved. They are not only back with a vengeance, but these pesky parasites have turned the evolution scale upside down.

Chemicals and pesticides that used to be effective at eliminating the bugs are no longer as effective, the bugs reproduce faster, and they’ve gotten all-around wittier. Simply put, it was time for a change and that change has come in the form of steam. Steam treatments are a new and effective way of dealing with bed bugs. Even though this is the case, you’ll still want to learn everything you possibly can about the treatment before you decide if it’s right for you and your property.

What Is Bed Bug Steam Treatment And How Does It Work

A bed bug steam treatment is what the name suggests. It’s an elimination tactic that utilizes a machine that produces a high-pressure/ high-heat steam. This machine is similar to that of a clothing steamer but produces higher pressures and higher heat, so that should tell you one thing right away. No, a traditional clothing steamer will not do the job of a commercial bed bug steamer.

This being said, this is a type of treatment that does require some time, expertise, and dedication. You cannot expect the machine to instantly kill the bugs on contact, although it does deliver almost instantaneous results. The steam itself must come into contact with the bugs, eggs, or larvae. Jump simply spraying the steam into areas that you suspect are infected with bed bugs probably won’t deliver the results you want. Therefore, it is best to always turn to a professional with experience when considering this type of treatment. And this is not to even mention the potential for damaged materials and furniture.

Steam treatments offer several unique benefits. The procedure is safe, reliable, and efficient. When you rely on us, you can guarantee that our steam treatment will be effective.

What Makes Steam Treatment Superior?

Give the above information, you are probably wondering what makes steam treatments such a vaunted solution. That’s easy! One of the answers is safety. While steam treatments can damage delicate furniture and heat-sensitive materials, they are virtually nothing more than water and heat. This makes them eco-friendly and mostly safe for everyone involved. You don’t have to worry about evacuating the home like you would for fumigation.

In addition to this, since the applicating substance comes out in steam form, it can reach deep into cracks and crevices, penetrate behind baseboards, and get into outlets. It can even be applied to edibles and food sources without the fear of contamination. The steamer does offer instantaneous results when it comes into contact with the subject.

To learn more about our steam treatments or schedule an in-home consultation, you can always give our local pest office a call. We always have people standing by, ready to assist at the drop of a hat.

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