The mosquito is a major threat to the human. Unfortunately, the pest has been a threat since the inception of time and will likely be a threat until the end of time. This being said, we will be the first to tell you, there is nothing you’ll be able to do to entirely to remove the threat either. This doesn’t mean you can’t mitigate your risks because you can, and you should especially in an around the home. Given the known diseases these flying insects carry, it is imperative to do so. This is just one of the many things that our mosquito package contains.

When you invest in our mosquito prevention program, you’ll get a variety of services. Here is a quick breakdown of what you can expect from a visit from our highly trained, skill, and reliable exterminators.

  • You’ll give our local office a call and we’ll set up a time for an in-home consultation
  • Our tech will arrive at the home, introduce himself, and show the necessary credentials
  • Our tech will then evaluate the property looking for a variety of factors
  • We’ll be checking for potential breeding grounds, entry points into the home, and reasons for the mosquito’s presence on the property
  • After our evaluation is complete, we’ll compile a list of the best ways to tackle the problem and let you choose which suits you and your schedule. There will likely be several treatment solutions available and the best one for you might not be suitable for the next individual. Whatever the situation, we’ll let you choose how to proceed

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