Heat Treatment

If you’ve been battling a bed bug infestation you’ve no doubt discovered that there are now a variety of ways for dealing with these creepy crawlers. If you are list most, you can probably remember when traditional chemicals and pesticides were the only go-to option for treating these insects. Well, it is safe to say that this is certainly no longer the case. There is now a diverse, wide range of options available. You’ve probably read up on some of these and considered a few here and there. Whatever the situation, it’s good you are taking the time to properly evaluate your options.

With this in mind and years of experience in the pest management industry, we can personally tell you that there is simply no better option available than heat treatment. Heat treatments are without a doubt one of the most diverse and eco-friendly treatment options available today. Combine this with the potential for its efficiency and you’ll easily understand why we always recommend heat treatments when applicable.

What Are Bed Bug Heat Treatments?

Bed bug heat treatments are pretty much what you’d imagine they would be. They simply involve raising the temperature in the home or a specific room to a certain degree. Bed bugs cannot survive when exposed to certain amounts of heat for prolonged periods of time. It causes their internal organs to shut down. This requires bringing in special equipment in the home and installing it in the potentially infected areas. We raise the temperature in the home to anywhere between 160-to-180-degree F and let this heat linger for 90 minutes.

Bedbugs cannot survive when exposed to extreme temperatures. As a result, our heat treatments are one of the most effective tools for eliminating them.

An Efficient Eco-Friendly Killing Machine

There are two reasons that our trained professionals prefer heat treatment as opposed to the other available options today. One is that it is eco-friendly, meaning it is nothing more than heat. It doesn’t involve the utilization of any chemicals or pesticides, making it a totally safe and harmless treatment option. It can be applied around food and other delicate items. This being said, there are some items the treatment can damage, which will be removed by our techs prior. Another reason is that it kills all stages of bed bugs. When exposed to these temperatures for this time period it doesn’t just kill adult bed bugs, but it kills eggs, nymphs, and larvae.

As long as the bug doesn’t escape, it will wither up and die. This is, of course, if it is exposed to these temperatures for these time periods. If there are too many fluctuations or variations, it will render the treatment ineffective. Therefore, it is best to always turn to the pros when considering a treatment like this. We offer a diverse range of treatment options and plans, including heat treatments. All one must do is give our office a call and we’ll dispatch out a trained tech to assess your property and discover your pest options. Call today for service tomorrow!

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