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There is a good chance that you’ll encounter fleas at some point. Unfortunately, these unwanted pests can create havoc for you and your family members. However, you primarily have to worry about your precious furry friend. If you don’t, there is a risk that they’re going to develop typhus, plague, or another serious illness. In some cases, a flea infestation can be incredibly dangerous. Use the information below to learn more about these pests before calling us.

Fleas In Your Area

It is vital to learn more about the fleas in your area. Learn more about them so you can be ready to deal with them sooner. While you may encounter other fleas, the most common is the cat flea. The cat flea regularly shows up in our area. Unfortunately, it is not going to discriminate. Despite the name, the cat flea is willing to feed on many animals, including dogs, cats, skunks, foxes, and other animals. At just an eighth of an inch, cat fleas are hard to handle. Once they enter your home, it’ll be hard to get rid of them.

They’re hard to grab because they’re so thin. Their body shape and size allow them to effortlessly stroll through dog fur and hair. They’ll also slip through your fingers so grabbing them will seem impossible.

Worries Regarding Flea Bites

It is important to have worries about flea bites since they can indeed be dangerous. Remember that your dog or cat is going to be seriously irritated by the fleas on their coat. Once they start biting, your dog or cat is going to start scratching vigorously. Unfortunately, this can lead to serious issues including hair loss. When dealing with larger infestations, your pet may develop anemia or severe blood loss. Some cases can be deadly. You cannot delay doing something about the problem.

Preventing Invasions Of Fleas

It won’t be easy to eradicate a large infestation of fleas. Therefore, it is wise to do something to keep these pests out of your dwelling. Thankfully, your possibilities are endless. When you’re ready to eliminate them, call our office. We can help you eradicate flea infestations of all sizes. In addition to this, use the advice below to keep these pests out.

  • Be careful when adopting a new pet because it could have fleas. You might be bringing fleas into your home.
  • Make sure your pet receives an anti-parasite medication. It needs to be designed for flea control and prevention.
  • Be sure to mow your grass regularly. It should be mowed and kept below 3 inches in height.
  • Never feed wild animals around your property. They might have fleas, so it is best to keep them away.
  • Stop wild animals from sneaking under your deck or porch. Install a barrier if necessary.
  • Regularly check your pets for fleas, flea dirt, and other signs of fleas.
  • Vacuuming can help get rid of fleas and flea eggs.

Remember that fleas may enter your home anyway. Therefore, you should be ready to call us and work with our highly trained exterminators.

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