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Earwigs are regular pests in our area. The pest is a member of the Dermaptera order and often sneaks into residences in our city. When you see them, you’ll likely believe that these pests are incredibly dangerous. After all, they have pincers called cerci. If you’re not careful, you’ll get pinched by an earwig. The cerci tend to be smaller for female earwigs and bigger for male earwigs. In some cases, the cerci can be a third of the earwig’s body length. Although some earwigs have wings, others do not. Regardless, their bodies are dark brown or reddish-brown and up to a half-inch in length.

Most earwigs are small, but there are numerous species. For instance, the Saint Helena Giant Earwig is much larger. It is common for the species to grow up to three inches in length. You won’t encounter this earwig in your city.

Earwig Infestation Reasons

Have you wondered what could lead to an earwig infestation? Ultimately, these pests try to enter buildings during the dry, hot months of summer. They’re like overwintering pests but they don’t like hot, dry weather. Instead, they prefer temperate climates as well as moist, dark areas. Your home has plenty of suitable hiding spots for earwigs. Once they’ve found a way to enter your home, they’ll have plenty of places to hide. In addition to this, the earwig is interested in consuming arthropods such as fleas and mites. When they hide in your home, they can easily find mites, fleas, and plants to feed on.

Just remember that earwigs are nocturnal, so they’ll hide during the day and come out at night. These pests tend to hang out in kitchens, basements, and bathrooms.

How Dangerous Are Earwigs?

Once earwigs enter your home, you’re likely going to be worried about your health. Although this is a valid concern, you shouldn’t worry about your health. These pests are not dangerous. They’re primarily a nuisance. However, they can use their cerci to pinch your skin. Even when they do, they’re not powerful enough to break your skin or hurt you. Rest assured knowing that the earwigs in your home aren’t going to hurt you. Do not believe the myth that they’re going to burrow in your brain.

Best Way To Eliminate An Infestation Of Earwigs

Have you discovered earwigs in your home? Once you have, it is time to do something about the pests right away. Don’t delay because the earwigs in your home aren’t going to leave easily. Instead, these pests are going to stay until you get rid of them. Working with a qualified exterminator is the best solution. Doing so will ensure that the problem is dealt with rapidly and the ones you love are protected to the fullest. Experimenting with do-it-yourself methods can lead to big issues in the future. You might expose your loved ones to dangerous chemicals or fail to get the job done right.

We’re here to help. Our technicians are thoroughly trained to wipe out earwig infestations of all sizes. Call us and we’ll do something about it right away.

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Keeping These Pests Out

It is vital to keep these pests out of your home. Otherwise, you’re going to leave your door open for them. Instead, you should ensure that it is hard for earwigs to sneak into your dwelling. First and foremost, you should do everything you can to defend your home. Properly seal the outer walls of your dwelling. Make sure that all potential entry points are sealed. Once you’ve done that, the earwigs around your home will have difficulty finding a way to enter your home. You’ll also need to focus on dealing with moisture problems. Earwigs like damp areas so get rid of them.

Use this information to keep these pests out. If they sneak in, call us and we’ll remove them for you.

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