Carpenter Ants

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Carpenter Ants can be very problematic because they’re annoying. Once they enter your home, you need to find a swift solution. Otherwise, they’re going to continue invading your home, taking your food, and ruining your life. While carpenter ants aren’t dangerous, they can still create a headache for you and your loved ones. Our skilled technicians can eliminate them. Call our office and we’ll rectify the problem right away.

Since carpenter ants are only half an inch in length, they can easily invade any residence. Sealing your outer walls can increase the likelihood that you’ll keep them out.

Spotting Signs Of Carpenter Ants

Check for the following signs so you can determine whether carpenter ants are living in your home.

  • Have you found winged ants around your home? If so, it could be carpenter ant swarmers.
  • Listen carefully at night. You’ll hear them moving through your home.
  • Look around for piles and trails of sawdust. Carpenter ants are going to leave them behind.
  • Look for small ants. Carpenter ants are small and black so be on the lookout for them.

Causes Of Carpenter Ant Infestations

It is essential to know what leads to carpenter ant infestations. Ultimately, these pests invade homes because they’re searching for food. If they can enter your home and get food, they will. They’ll continue coming and going as they wish. They’ll also build new colonies in decaying wood around your home. The colony on your property is a satellite colony. Unfortunately, this makes eliminating them significantly harder. Carpenter ants can sneak into dwellings using the smallest holes.

Can They Hurt You?

You always have to worry about pests and their health risks. These residential pests are not going to bite or spread diseases. They can damage a home though.

How To Deal With Them

It is pertinent to find a way to deal with these pests. Otherwise, they’re going to continue entering and exiting your home as they wish. To prevent this from happening, call our office. Our technicians are eager to help you resolve the problem. We’ve trained to the fullest to ensure we can rectify such problems with extreme precisions.

Carpenter Ant DIY Solutions

Eliminating a pack of carpenter ants won’t be easy. You’ll have to find their primary colony because you can eliminate them. Using DIY products haphazardly can expose you to serious dangers. Avoid such issues by letting a professional do it for you. Call us.

We’ll Call You

Once you’ve had enough, call our office. We’ll make sure you hear from us within 24 to 48 hours.

Only The Safest Carpenter Ant Solutions

We offer safe carpenter ant solutions. We strive to ensure that our clients are going to be protected during each phase of the process. Therefore, you should call us. We can provide you. We’ll do so by using EPA-registered products to eliminate the pests.

Preventing These Problems

It isn’t easy to keep carpenter ants out of your home. Seal your outer walls so they can’t find a way inside. Remember that we can remove carpenter ants from your home.

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