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The beetle is an invasive pest that regularly enters homes and businesses in our area. The beetle species in your city has poor eyesight and two wing sets. North America is home to several thousand species, and each is unique thanks to different sizes and colors. While you might find others, the most common species in our area are longhorn beetles, ground beetles, and powder post beetles. Thankfully, our technicians can eliminate all these species.

What Makes Beetles Invade Residences?

Beetles approach properties that have certain debris. If you don’t keep your yard clean and tidy, you’re likely going to encounter beetles. They’re attracted to decaying wood, leave piles and other debris. They’ll also approach the light coming from a home at night.

Do Beetles Pose Any Health Risks?

Beetles can be a pain in your side. They’re a nuisance and they’ll make your skin crawl. Nevertheless, the beetle species in our area are not physically dangerous. One problem with them is the fact that some are going to damage wood structures and furniture.

Remove The Beetles Rapidly

Find a reliable solution for getting rid of the beetles as quickly as possible. If you’re looking for the best solution, let our technicians resolve the problem. Our beetle treatments are more reliable than DIY methods.

What About DIY Beetle Treatments?

While there are certain do-it-yourself beetle treatments, it is often better to ignore them. These treatments aren’t dependable. You can try experimenting with them, but you’ll likely be disappointed. You’ll also have to be careful with these methods because they rely on dangerous chemicals. Protect the people you care about the most by hiring a professional.

We’ll Get Back To You

Be sure to call our office right away. Once we’ve received your call, we’ll get back to you in 24 to 48 hours.

Our Safe Solutions

We’re going to protect you and your loved ones during the treatment process. Besides putting our technicians through extensive training, we’ll also ask them to use EPA-registered products. We do this because these products are safe and reliable. Call our office to learn more about the steps we’ll follow to ensure your safety.

Our Costs

We cannot offer universal pricing to our clients. Instead, the price depends on several factors with the most important being the size of your home. Once you’ve called us, we’ll send a tech to your home so they can analyze the situation. Once they’ve done that, you’ll receive a bid price from us. Remember that the bid price is what you’ll pay once we’ve finished.

Preventing Invasions Of Beetles

You have to work hard to keep beetles out of your home. Be sure to seal all gaps on your home’s exterior walls to prevent these pests from entering.

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