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A Comprehensive Guide Of Our Bed Bug Extermination Services In Edmonton Canada

Pest management and bed bug extermination is a big deal in the Edmonton area right now. In fact, bed bug control has become a serious issue throughout the world over the last several years. It seems like more and more individuals are reporting infestations. Some scientists and researchers are contributing this new revelation to climate change, while others admit they have no ideal what is causing it. Whatever the situation is, it is no big secret that pest control is a serious issue, and this is why it is imperative that you have the name and number of a good, reliable bed bug control company.

We want to be that company, as we are always willing to go above and beyond for our customers. Once you see our comprehensive package of everything that we have to offer, you will truly see why we are without a doubt one of the most used and reliable companies in the area.

Providing Written Quotes That We Stand Behind

Have you ever gotten a quote from a bed bug inspections company and then a week later when they came out to do the job they wanted to charge your more money? Or, they simply said that they did not quote you the price that you are saying? Well, this is not the case with our company, and this is something that you will never have to experience. When our professionally trained pest inspections professionals come out to your home, we will issue you a written quote. This ensures you that when you go to get the work performed; you will only be required to pay what you were quoted.

In addition to this, there will not be any hidden fees or travel charges tacked on the bill. You are only going to be expected to pay what we quoted you from our initial visit.

We Can Keep Bed Bugs From Coming Back

In our eyes it is simply not enough for us to just remove bed bugs and pests from your home. In fact, we truly want to do everything that we can to make sure that they never get back in your home again. This is why we work with you to develop a perfectly formulated plan that will prevent bed bugs and other pests from coming back into the home. In addition to this, we offer seasonal visits and maintenance packages, so that our professionals can come back out and check the area to ensure that it is critter free.

Not only does this give you a piece of mind that your home is free and clear of bed bugs, but it gives us the piece of mind that we are serving you in the very best way possible. It usually takes cooperation from the exterminator and the homeowner to ensure that the house stays critter free. Our professionals will arm you will the tools and knowledge that you need to ensure that your home stays critter free.

Ensuring That You Are Happy With The End Results

Our company knows that you work hard for your money and it is even harder for you to schedule time off work to be home, while we perform our work. This is why we always make sure that our customers are 100% completely satisfied before leaving the jobs. Our highly trained techs are willing to answer any question, look at any situation, or provide you with any advice that you might need.

In addition to this, with any job that we perform, we always back it with guarantees and warranties. You never have to worry about us leaving you high and dry, because that it not something our company would do. We are willing to completely stand behind all of our work and ensure that it is done right.

Providing Pet Safe Solutions

If you are a pet owner you probably care very dearly for your pets. In fact, most homeowners think of their pets like family members. As a family man and a pet owner, we completely understand how you feel. This is why our company offers a variety of different safe and pet friendly treatment options. While not all of our treatments are pet friendly, if you do have pets in the home just let us know ahead of time and we can present you with a list of all of our pet friendly treatment options.

This not only ensure that your furry four legged friend can stay inside the home while we perform our treatment, but it ensures that you and your pets will be safe in the home after the treatment is performed.

Promoting A Drug Free Workplace

The opioid epidemic is real and it seems like it just continues to spread. Every time you turn on the news you hear about someone overdosing or someone getting robbed, because these junkies need money to score their fix. This is why we make it our mission to ensure that we are promoting a drug free workplace. All of our employees are drug tested before given employment, and they are randomly tested throughout the entirety of their employment with us.

In addition to this, we also run in depth background checks in order to make sure that none of our employees have ever had run-ins with the law. These practices make sure that all of our employees are clear headed and bright eyed, so that they can serve you in the very best manner possible.

Backed With The Proper Insurance

Anytime you are considering a pest management company, insurance should be one of your top concerns. Sure, if you ask any company they are going to tell you that they are insured, and they probably are. However, the truth is that they do not carry insurance that protects you. In the event that a tech makes a mistake or breaks something in your home, who is going to cover these damages? When you do business with us this is something that you never have to worry about. We carry errors and omissions insurance to ensure all our customers that their home and property is protected at all times.

What We Have To Offer

You can see from reading our comprehensive guide that we truly have a lot to offer our customers, but if you need more convening that we are the best, just take a lot at all the services that we offer.

  • We carry insurance that protects the customer and their property
  • We are available around the clock
  • We can adapt to your hectic schedule
  • Offering pet friendly solutions
  • Seasonal and maintenance contracts ensure that you home stays critter free
  • All workers are drug free and required to take background checks
  • All work is backed with guarantees and warranties
  • We stand behind our quotes

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